God First

Do you ever question yourself when you think God is speaking to you?  Do you want to go running to a mirror and say to yourself, “Did you hear that too or was it just me?”

If I were to be honest with myself, and you, the above is usually my reaction.  And my next thought is, “What will others think if I tell them?” Why? Why should I care? Why should it matter?  Unfortunately, to me it does matter.  It shouldn’t, but it does.  As I’ve examined that about myself, I’ve been faced with the realization that I’ve been putting what others think of me following God ahead of how God views me. Kind of twisted isn’t it!

As I’ve gone through the journey of “Greater” by Steve Furtick with my online bible study group, I’ve felt the “Greater” call of God for obedience in two specific areas of my life.  The first being that I need to be using my writing skills, which is why you are able to read this right now.  I don’t know where He is planning to take my writing, but I’m obeying.  Secondly, He has led me to take over the position of women’s ministry leader in my home church.  This is an incredibly exciting, and scary, step for me, but again, I’m trusting and obeying.

So, as God has encouraged me to obey Him in these areas of my life, I’ve been faced with the “What will others think?” thoughts.  I’ve had to fight all tendencies to hide from others where He is leading me and not be afraid if they think me proud or self-righteous or arrogant.

I’m striving to place what my Father in Heaven thinks of me as my priority.  It’s something I have to remind myself of everyday, but know that it’s a lesson that need to learn.

Is there anything God is teaching you right now?

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