Better Than I Do

“I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him.” – Psalms 62:1

Quiet time.  Right now, at this moment in my home, it is quiet.  The clock reads 9:29 pm and my two sleeping princesses have crashed for the night.  Hopefully it lasts until I’m ready for them to get up in the morning, but it might not.  That’s one of the joys of motherhood, expecting the unknown.

As I sit here with my cup of tea, the silence almost feels overwhelming.  In a world where our lives are constantly bombarded with the sound of the phone ringing, music on the radio or ipod, dishwasher running, kids playing hide-and-seek and a miriad of other noises, I can honestly say that I’m not really comfortable with quiet anymore.  Are you?

Unfortunately, I think the noise of our society and lives is one of Satan’s biggest weapons.  Why?  Because if you look at the verse from Psalm 62 quoted above, you’ll see that when we wait quietly before God, we are victorious in The Lord.  So why wouldn’t Satan use ever tactic he can think of to distract and muddle our minds with noise.  He doesn’t want us to be victorious over anything.

Yet, amidst all Satan’s distractions, we are called to be quiet.  How many times have you heard Psalm 46:10a quoted?  “Be still, and know that I am God!”  I even have it on a painting in my living room.

As a mom, I have struggled so many times with this, personally, in my life.  And after talking to countless other moms, I know I’m not the only one.  We struggle to stay awake if we do get a chance to sit still in a chair for 5 minutes because the baby started teething and kept us up half the night.  We are so desperate for adult conversation that if we get any “quiet”, we jump on the phone to catch up with a friend or make that dentist appointment for our husband.  The receptionist at the dental office is an adult, so that counts as our adult conversation for the day.  We try to get up earlier than anyone else to enjoy the calm before the day, but in our morning fuzzy brain forget about that one floorboard that sqeakes and wakes up the toddler.

So is there an answer to finding quiet time with God as a mom of young, noisy blessings?  I think it comes down to this.  Who or what is our priority and what are we seeking to fill us?  Is it Facebook?  Is it a gossip magazine?  Is it Pinterest?  Unfortunately, I have to admit that I don’t always utilize the time I do have.

I don’t believe that God measures our devotion to Him by the amount of time we sit at the kitchen table in complete silence.  I do believe that He knows our lives, better than we do.  He knows our limitations and obstacles, better than we do.  He knows me, better than I do.  He knows what I have to face that day, better than I do.  He knows that I won’t get to sit down until 9 pm, better than I do.

So why can’t I find even five minutes with the One who knows, better than I do, the joys and sorrows ahead of me and also the One who gives me my victory.  As my clock now reads 10:01 pm, I’m going to end this post, and go utilize my time with the One who is my victory and knows my tomorrow, better than I do.

4 thoughts on “Better Than I Do

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Quiet time is a struggle for me. I am hearing this nudge to go have my quiet time yet I am sitting here thinking, “I really want to read and reply to some of these wonderful blogs.”

    Guess I better do what you did. End this response and go get quiet with God.

    God bless you sister.


  2. I love how you wrote that expecting the unkown is a joy of motherhood. I certainly haven't seen it that way, but I should! I really enjoyed and related to your “as a Mom” section in patricular. You are certainly not alone in this and its good to know that I'm not either!


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