More Than A Consultant

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.  I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
                      John 10:10 ESV

I was talking the other day to someone who is contemplating a career change.  This person isn’t sure what to do, but knows he needs a change.  I made the joke that if he could figure out what a consultant does, he could do that.  I thought it was a pretty good joke.

But this morning I was listening to a sermon by Timothy Keller and he used the illustration of how some people use Jesus as a consultant.  I thought this was a fantastic analogy.  But then a voice whispered to me, “Do you treat Jesus that way?”
I had been stopped in my tracks, and it got me thinking about what do people go to a consultant to gain.  Wisdom?  Direction?  Expertise?  So I went searching for the definition of a consultant; “a person who gives expert or professional advice”.  That doesn’t sound like a definition fit for The King of Kings, does it?

Unfortunately, though, I often approach Jesus that way.  I seek His advice on my ideas rather than seeking His Truths, His Will and His Answers.  I take what I think and “run it past him” as I would do a consultant.

Instead, I need to approach Jesus, My King, My Savior, My Redeemer with reverence, humbleness and a moldable heart.  Because if I don’t, I’m falling short of living the life He wants for me.  And what kind of life does He want for me?  As John 10:10 states above, He wants to give me abundant life.  Some versions say rich and satisfying.

So if I am truly wanting to receive and life this rich, satisfying, abundant life that Jesus has for me, I need to approach Him as He truly is and not just a consultant in my life.

2 thoughts on “More Than A Consultant

  1. Thanks for sharing Erin. I think a lot of time we all approach God with our ideas as a consultant rather than seeking His Truths, His will, and His answer. We need to approach Him openly and seek His direction and you are right seek Him more than a consultant, more as our Heavenly Father who loves us and wants the best for us.


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