Feeling the Unfailing Love

How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.
                      Psalm 36:7
Unfailing love is almost considered an oxymoron in our society these days. The love that most people know fails, cheats, lies, abuses, degrades and has conditions. It serves only selfish purposes and does not offer any protection or care.
This is why the priceless, unfailing love of God is not easy to comprehend for most people, myself included. Even if you are accustomed to good relationships with people you love, our human love is not perfect and it does fail because we fail.
But the beauty of God’s love is that no matter what I do, what I accomplish or how I look, He will never love me any more or any less than the day He sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. Do you believe that? Do you live as if you believe it?
After reading Renee Swope’s A Confident Heart, her statement on page 54 that says “I needed the knowledge of His unfailing love to move from my head to my heart,” was something that jumped out at me. I know that feeling. 
I have never known life without the knowledge of God’s love for me and I value having been taught that from an early age. But because it’s something that I’ve known of for so long, I have often felt that God and His love for me are not necessarily something I feel deeply in my heart. 
And I know that I’m not alone in this. I’ve had people that have been Christians for both a long time and a short time express the same concerns to me. They ask me, “How do I feel God’s love and a love for Him?” To be honest, I don’t have any easy answers. 
But this I do know. God desires to have a relationship with me. He wants me to be on fire for Him. He wants me to yearn to spend time with him daily. He wants to be my very best friend and be in constant communication with me. So because I trust that He wants me in all those ways, I know that if I study His Word and pray to Him, expressing my desire to “feel”, He will be faithful in helping me get to that place. 
I can see Him doing this in my life, slowly and surely. And He will do it for you too! So surround yourself in the promises of God. Talk to Him. Tell Him your concerns, fears and struggles. He won’t fail you or fail to love you. 

4 thoughts on “Feeling the Unfailing Love

  1. All too true about worldly love and how it can be difficult to discern between that and God's unfailing love. Why is it so much easier to believe the worldly love which is always going to fail I trust in the Lord and He will show me the way. Loved reading your post Erin. Very thought provoking and insightful and truly a blessing to read. Thanks very much!!

    🙂 Trish (OBS small group leader)


  2. Erin,
    Thank you for reminding me that no matter how much we love and care about people we are human. “human love is not perfect and it does fail because we fail. We can try very hard to not hurt each other however we our humans, will still fall. It's great to understand that God loves us.

    God's love is unfailing love. He won't fail you or fail to love you.

    Thank you for the reminder. As close as I have grown and love the lord. I need to work on remembering that human love is not perfect and it does fail because we fail. God's love is unfailing love. He won't fail me or fail to love me. He will equipped me and walk with me in everything placed in front of me. I need to give my whole self to God for he may be transforming my life or someone else in each step of life that is placed in front of me . Thank you Erin for Blessing my life with this reminder.


  3. Great blog Erin. I see Him too doing this in my life – such is the saying I understand now “the longer I know Him, the sweeter He grows.” I also agree with you it's all about studying His word. For so long I read His Word, I never really studied and memorized it and fell in love with it. Love you. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)


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