God Is In To Details

Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you.
          Exodus 25:9

I know, it’s been forever since I posted something. I’ve missed it and longed to sit down and write. So here I am, on a cloudly, Canadian Thanksgiving Monday morning with my cup of green tea and my Bible. Kids are playing happily, for the moment.

Are you a detailed person? Do you like to have things a certain way? Or are you a more laid back, go-with-the-flow, spontaneous personality? No matter what category you find yourself, I bet there are at least parts of your life that you are detailed, or picky, about. It may be the way you like your coffee or how you fold your clothes. It could be that you can only eat steak if it is very lightly pink in the middle or your car must be parked in that specific spot in the driveway.

I’m very much a detailed person. Sometimes, yes it’s over the top and picky. And believe me, I have spent so much time and energy making sure the details are written down, packed or communicated.

Did you know that God is into details too? I’m reading a book called Leaving Ordinary by Donna Gaines where she walks through the Old Testament tabernacle, the house of God and the correlation between Jesus Christ. As I was reading yesterday, she quoted verses from Luke chapter 2 that tell of Jesus’ birth and verses from Revelations 21 that tell of the New Jerusalem where we who are believers will dwell with God forever. Donna explained that these plans that God has laid out have and will come to pass, down to the finest detail.

God does care about the details of your life too. How do I know? Because nothing happens by accident. He cares that you got stuck in the long line at Wal-Mart today because He knew you needed to talk to the little old lady behind you. He cares that you have to deal with a very difficult situation at work because He knows your co-workers are watching how you react. He cares that your child is in a class at school where there is an autistic child, which will teach her compassion and that different is still special.

In a time in when our world seems to be in chaos and who don’t know what evil is going to do next, the thought that God has everything planned out, down to every small details comforts me. Because ultimately, He’s the one in control. The details I care about may not be exactly what God is concerned with, but the ones that really matter are totally in His control.

What about you? Does knowing that God is in to details comfort you as it does me?

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