God Is Bigger!

At the start of every new year, I begin with the best of intentions to keep on track with a Bible reading plan. The furthest I ever made it is the end of July before getting off track. This year I decided to read through the Bible chronologically. Thankfully, my husband decided to do it with me. Well, the truth is that I set up the YouVersion app on his iPad mini and signed him up. But so far, we’ve been faithful everyday.

A few days ago, we started with the book of Exodus. Since I’ve started reading through the Bible every year numerous times before, this means I’ve read this book many times before. But that just means that I have to work on being intentional in how I read and why I read!

Today, I opened up to Exodus chapter 14. Like every time I read the story of the Israelites, I get extremely frustrated with these people who are finally free after 430 years of bondage! Yes, I try and remind myself that I am very similar to them, but honestly, do I really act as ungrateful as them? This part of the story is where Pharoh’s army has them trapped beside the Red Sea. And what do the people do? They complain and grumble at The Lord and Moses for bringing them out of Egypt. Very frustrating people!

But today as I read, Moses’ response in verse 13 stuck out in a very big way to me!

And Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of The Lord, which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again. (Exodus 14:13)

These people are trapped. They’re stuck. They are convinced this is the end and it cannot get any worse. This is the stuff that horrible nightmares are made of. But notice how Moses draws their focus off of themselves and points them to The Lord.

This is where I stop, shake my head and raise my hand. Yes, that is what I do when faced with the worst situation I can imagine. I cry out to God in frustration, and yes, there is usually complaining involved in some way. I am just like the Israelites.

But God! Or how He has shed new light on this old-time story for me today. He showed me that just as He led the Israelites to their place of biggest fear, so He leads me sometimes. And why does He do this? Because sometimes God allows us to face our biggest fear to show us that He is bigger!

So today, as you face that potential job layoff, a sick child, a marriage in shambles, or loneliness, know that God hasn’t abandoned you. You’re right where He wants you to be in order to show you more of Himself.

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