What Are "Heart Sisters" Anyway?

Have ever watched Anne Of Green Gables? If so, you’ll remember when Anne and Diana discovered their friendship was more than just a friendship, but that they were true kindred spirits. I remember wondering if anyone would ever find me as their kindred spirit. Years later, I have found not one, but many friends that I would consider kindred spirits.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen more than my fair share of friends come and go, and often wondered “is there something wrong with me?” Have you ever felt that way. Maybe you still ponder such questions in your mind.
Well, I have great news for you! Whether you are good a friendships, bad at friendships or would love to know how God wants us to function in friendships, “Heart Sisters” by Natalie Chambers Snapp is a must read book!
Natalie shares from her heart as she journeys through some of her own friendship mistakes, which has any woman who has had even one friend shouting, “me too!” But she doesn’t stop there. She continues by taking a look at The Super Seven Sisters, women from the Bible who modelled true “Heart Sister” character. I’m a Deborah myself 🙂
One of the many things I love about this book is how Natalie does not shy away from the true nitty gritty of friendships, and now true forgiveness and   conflict resolution can strengthen “Heart Sisters”. Here’s just one of the quotes I highlighted 🙂

“Being humble doesn’t only mean you don’t toot your own horn. It means you accept you will mess up from time to time and might need to apologize for it to boot. It means going to someone in a nonaccusatory manner to seek understanding without assuming you have done nothing wrong and being willing to own your part and move toward reconciliation.”

As she wraps up the book, Natalie devotes a chapter to passing on and modelling to the next generation of “Heart Sisters”, what true friendships that are designed by God and centered on Him look like. 
What a blessing it has been to get to know Natalie through her book and to feel her passion about God’s design and importance of true “Heart Sister” friendships!

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