Stained Carpet, Crazy Hair and God’s Calling

I love finding out the meanings of people’s names. It was one of my favorite parts when going through the process of naming my babies.  Something excites me to think it might describe the person in some way shape or form. But, then there’s my name. It means peace and anyone who knows me is aware of just how much peace fills my life. Stained carpets, crazy hair, dirty kids and piles of books pretty much sums up my life.

Thankfully, I don’t think anyone has every had that as the meaning of their name. Whew!

Basically, my life can be messy, chaotic and not at all glamorous. Not at all the place where God should be planting a dream. But He did.

When I think of a woman who should be called to step out and make a difference and lead I think of a perfect haired, calm, gentle, “Bless Your Heart” saying, keeps her nose to herself, Jesus girl. Someone … not like me.

But guess what? God said He needs me too. I thought He was talking to someone else at first, but He kept showing me women who needed something I had to offer. Something He had planted in me. Something I had that was unique.

Then came the hard part, He asked me to let go of something I wanted. And it was an awesome thing. Something He had led me to, but was now saying was over. For this season, it was over.

I would like like to say that it took me no time at all to say “Yes, absolutely, I’ll do it!” But, no. I fought. I argued. I bargained. Thank the Lord that He is patient!!!

When I finally made up my stubborn mind to lay the thing down at His feet, He gave me something in return. Can you guess what it was?


Maybe I do have the right name after all!


Do you have something God is calling you to do? Something He’s whispered during your quiet time or a passion that burns inside you? Don’t be afraid to accept it if it’s truly from Him, because it’s good.

Or maybe right now He’s calling you to lay something down? Oh how I know your pain and how much you want to hold on. Trust him, friend! Don’t be afraid to let Him use you.

Does the meaning of your name describe you?

12 thoughts on “Stained Carpet, Crazy Hair and God’s Calling

  1. My name means lovable or worthy of love. . . Um no I’m not always lovable BUT because I am of God then I guess maybe I see it. Hmmmmm. . . Praying for you right now as you step out in faith! You have so much to offer, DO NOT allow the enemy to tell you otherwise!

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  2. Such an encouraging post Erin! I love it!!! My name means honeybee, so my life verse is Proverbs 16: 24 Gracious words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

    My prayer is that God will use my words(His words) to sweeten bitter and broken hearts.
    Praying for you and your awesome blog!

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  3. So proud of you for listening and obeying, even when it’s hard. I surely understand the hesitation but His blessings in obedience outweigh the greatest riches. Keep pursuing Him, friend! You are lovely 🙂


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  4. My name means “consecrated to God.” For a few years, I was the opposite of that! But God pursued me and wooed me back to Him, and my name fits me perfectly now! I had to grow into it, truly.
    I also relate to giving something up. At the very last She Speaks session with Whitney Capps, I heard God’s whisper about my book. He said, “Let it go” and I immediately bristled and told Him that is NOT my plan, especially after I had a good publisher’s meeting! He soothed me and convicted me, then told me “Give it away.” So I surrendered to Him and obeyed, and left the conference with all my notes in a box. I still haven’t looked at them and have purposefully ignored them. Just this week, He nudged me and said I can start asking some questions about pursuing possible avenues. I am wondering what He has in store, and consecrating my obedience in His name!

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  5. My name means “Christ-like” so hopefully there is something in me that fits that! I’m so proud of you, Erin, for stepping out. I know how hard it was for you and will watch expectantly to see what God does with that step of obedience.

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