Who Do You Treat God Like?

Have you ever dealt with someone and think you can anticipate what they are going to say, do or think?  I have to confess that I am totally guilty of this.

Some of the ways I do this are comical, such as I assume because I can remember the exact outfit I was wearing the last time I saw someone, they will too. Most often, no one remembers, and if they do, who really cares?

Other ways aren’t so funny. For instance, in an argument or tough conversation, one of the worst things I can do to set the situation up for failure is to assume that I know what the other person is thinking based on how I am. That’s a recipe for failure, or at the very least, disappointment on my part.

But during a conversation with friends, I made very startling realization in regards to how I approach God. Too often I assume that God is like me. It can be conscious or subconscious, but nevertheless, I have to admit it happens.

I’ve read so many time in the Bible how God is slow to anger, abounding in love, full of justice and mercy. But I can be guilty of treating Him like He’s me: quick to anger, stingy on love, unjust and merciless.

Why do I treat Him like a fallible human being who is wishy-washy, unreliable and unstable? Because that’s exactly who I am!

Maybe you’ve been guilty of doing this too. Maybe you’ve approached God and displace on Him attributes of a parent, spouse or friend. Or maybe you can relate to what I do by displacing your own fallen nature on God.

What I’m reminding myself, and you too, is that our God is unchanging. Check out this verse from James:


This is just one of many verses in the Bible which point to the unchanging nature of God. He is exactly who He says He is, which is so awesome! Not only that, this verse also indicates that God is never trying to pretend He’s something that He’s not or deceive us about who He is.

Nature, light and dark are all created things that change. We as humans are created being which change, but our Creator is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Isn’t is amazing that we not only have a Creator who is unchanging and trustworthy, but we also have Him seeking to have relationship with us! I’m so thankful that He doesn’t act like me. Can you imagine how horrible life and this world would be if God were like you and me?

Praise God for His unchanging, trustworthy nature!

I want to know, have you ever put characteristics or traits on God that don’t belong to Him?

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