Exploring the Book of Galatians – Chapter 2

Hello friends! I’m so excited you have join me for Week 2 of Exploring the book of Galatians. Have you have ever competed in something like music or speech where you were judged? Do you remember that awkward time between finishing your performance or presentation, just standing there waiting for the judges or adjudicators to … More Exploring the Book of Galatians – Chapter 2

Where Do You Remain?

When my husband and I were first married, we lived in a small apartment. He was on shift work and I was often alone, and it didn’t help that I knew absolutely no one in the town where we lived. I remember receiving our marriage certificate and getting so excited, mainly because it meant I could change … More Where Do You Remain?

What Are You Comparing? – Exploring the Book of John ~ Week 2

“Can you believe what so & so did? I would never do that and be able to show my face again.” Have you ever said those words? Have you ever thought them? I’m ashamed to admit that I have. In John 8:3-11, we come across a story about a woman caught in adultery. And while … More What Are You Comparing? – Exploring the Book of John ~ Week 2

What’s Your Point? – Exploring the Book of John~Week 1

I really dislike doing things which appear to have no point. Like paperwork that seems redundant, mopping the floor just to have juice spilled…again, or sitting on the phone and punching in numbers to finally get through to an operator that asks you to repeat everything you just entered. Am I the only one? Does … More What’s Your Point? – Exploring the Book of John~Week 1

No More Doing My Best

Have you ever said “I’m trying to do better.” If you have, then you might be like me and probably have a running list of things you’re trying to “do better”. Items like diet and exercise, controlling my anger, managing my time and more time reading my Bible are all things I’ve said “I’m going to do better”. I’ve lost track … More No More Doing My Best

Are You Ready?

Have you noticed something about our world right now? Do you notice the increase of evil, people turning their heads away from wrong in ignorance and the rise of acceptance. Well, today I come to you with an urgent wake-up call of our Lord’s imminent return, of the end of our world as we know it and the coming … More Are You Ready?